The Second Largest Religion by Country

And not in the Netherlands. We are pretty f’d up when it comes to churches. We used to have a state sponsored church (Nederlands Hervormde Kerk: Dutch Reformed Chruch), but a zillion factions thought it would be necessary to split up indefinitely. There are

Religion in Europe

It had more to do with cultural identity of Poles. Poland was historically Catholic (interestingly enough, the baptism of the first historical ruler of Poland was taken from a Czech bishop if I’m not mistaken), while their Eastern neighbours were mostly Orthodox and the

The Ungoverned World in 2015

I’ll just point out that many of these states are governed, but by groups that are not seen as legitimate by the international community (usually for very good reasons, of course). ISIS, for example, actually does govern in the territory it controls–the “state part

Monaco compared to Newark Airport

Chicago has [‘lower wacker drive’]( and a few other [connected streets below]( I couldn’t get goolge street view from lower wacker drive but from this [view](,-87.626969,3a,35.1y,99.52h,83.97t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sTJ-3qb-mStp9U4u0d-xAyA!2e0!6m1!1e1?hl=en) you can see it below the buildings along the river. If it looks familiar, it’s because Batman Begins

Wisconsin could have been much bigger

Yes, territories were not really made to become states, in most cases. They were usually made when large chunks of unorganized federal land needed basic governance. Territories were created by Congressional decree alone. Territorial governance was set up and overseen by Congress. Although states

The World, upside up or upside down?

Quite right. Basically every landmass has been disfigured and inverted to resemble a body of water. It goes like this: * North America – South Atlantic * South America- North Atlantic * Cuba and Hispaniola – Amazon River * Falkland Islands – North American

US navy fleets’ areas of responsibility

Generally speaking, below the theater naval commander you’re going to have a number of different units of organization, with nothing as straightforward as Army brigades/battalions/companies/&c. The largest operational commands at the tactical level are Carrier Strike Groups (CSG), which each typically command a carrier,

Europe at the height of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Napoleonic Wars (and thus his Empire) should be seen as a continuation of the French Revolutionary Wars. Contrary to popular belief, most countries in Europe really weren’t interested in war with France due to the treatment of the king. The Declaration of Pillnitz

Most popular names, currently

well, the traditional chinese naming scheme involves three syllables, the 1st syllable being the family name and the 2nd and 3rd syllables being a two-syllable sequence often considered to be a “given name” (not exactly a given name in the western sense). this two-syllable

Europe in 1000 A.D.

If you look at the map above, and separate out Cornwall, you’ll see a pretty distinct north-south line that divides the British Isles between east and west, between what we now think of as Anglo-Saxon and Celtic. It turns out that there *is* a

World Distribution of Muslim Population

The divide has been historical. The Hejaz has always been less inclined with Wahhabi Islam. In fact, only around 22% of Saudis actually identify with Wahhabi Islam. Wahhabi Islam is more prominent in the Najd region where Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab was born, raised,

Roads to Rome

Ha! That reminds me of something slightly relevant… In the RPG “Two Worlds 2”, there are a bunch of dungeons which are essentially large, dark mazes. Since I’m a complete idiot when it comes to orientation in games, I decided to do it the

Indigenous Land in Australia 1788-2013

The white-guilt ‘generous with the crappy bits’ argument is tedious at best. Generosity has nothing to do with it. Native Title rights were found to exist at common law in some circumstances. These circumstances happen to be those that are least compatible with ‘settled’

Visualizing Atlanta’s Sprawl, by Matthew Hartzell

it’ll have to be a slow organic movement. there are already many ongoing and planned construction projects to better connect the city and improve density in major metro areas like Midtown, Downtown, and Buckhead. Streetcar investments should alleviate traffic and already there is a

A detailed map of the pacific ocean floor (1969)

Yeah I guess you could say that. Basically there are two types of crust that make up the Earth – continental and oceanic. Oceanic crust is thinner and denser, and so is at a lower elevation whereas continental crust is thicker and more buoyant.
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