World Map on a lake

Yes, because we have no mountains in Denmark, we have been blessed with the natural occurrence of Map Porn. Which is the reason we, as the first country, were the first to make porn legal.

Map of just the time zones

[Done]( Took a bit more research than I expected, though. Red/blue/yellow is on the hour, purple/green/yellow is half-hour, Nepal and the Chathams are just special. A border between two zones of the same color means either a 3-hour jump or crossing the International Date

The earliest proposed map of the Pakistan

India as conceived by the Congress, and certainly right up until after WW2 was as a secular, united Raj. The Muslim League failed in the sense that its core base of support was Muslims in the Hindi Belt who, not realising there was absolutely

Map of the French Republic

# France * la [Guadeloupe]( — rhum, vanille, banane, volcan ! — [photo]( * la [Guyane]( — jungle, piment, or, fusée ! — [photo]( * la [Martinique]( — rhum, banane, iguane, mangrove ! — [photo]( * [la Réunion]( — rhum, vanille, volcan, récif de

Most popular newborn baby names in Europe

It really comes and goes in waves. My national statistics bureau [has mapped boys/girls names for the last century or two]( You can even search and see the numbers/graphically. It’s quite amusing to see how and when names peak, I can almost guess a

Where did The Proclaimers walk to?

That’s an extreme example, and that kind of thing does happen everywhere (as in, I’m sure there are Brits who do that to get to London every day), but it’s also a very different thing. People who commute that far daily (probably in gridlock

Countries in which it is illegal to deny the Holocaust

And only from freedom of expression was the position that ethically and religiously motivated hated was a bad thing reached. John Stuart Mill, On Liberty >Those in whose eyes this reticence on the part of heretics is no evil, should consider in the

Loss of Native American lands over time

Honestly, out of all the natives who were destroyed by Europeans, Native Americans (of U.S and Canada) got the best deal. Don’t downvote me let me explain. Yes the conquering of native land was terrible and the killing on both sides was tragic and

Culinary map of Europe according to Italy

Pretty sure that pizza is by far the most popular dish in America. If you polled 100,000 people, I’m think at least 20% would say pizza. Not all pizza is great here, but there are definitely some good pizza places here. My dad always

U.S. regions with the same population as California

>”…others see the status quo as just fine and resent the Supreme Court for legislating from behind the bench” The Supreme Court doesn’t have legislative initiative. The only way they can engage in judicial review is if a case is so significant and flawed

Linguistic map of Europe and current borders

Good start at showing the great diversity of Europe, but not perfect. -Classifying Friulian and Ladin as dialects of “Romansh” is not necessarily something that they would agree upon, especially considering that Friulian has more speakers than Romansh per Wikipedia. -The borders between North

North America’s Nine Nations, 1981.

I think the structure of the government was more the result of various compromises based on the debates surrounding competing visions of the republic, rather than an attempt to create cultural unity. One has to remember that the US would have been creating the

Map showing our place in the universe

Technically, the Alcubierre drive and similar concepts are only *hypothetical,* not ‘theoretical’. In science, the term ‘theory’ is reserved for things we’re confident about, and we’re not even slightly confident about this. It’s a neat idea, that’s all. No one has the slightest idea

Coffee and tea around the world

Don’t forget the actual inclusion of Spain and Portugal, or the ability to add the Nordic countries to the alliances without conquering them first. Not to mention the removal of the Greek front (which took away a lot of resources from Germany and, if

Here is a map of every US county I’ve ever been to. Does anyone else keep their own county map?

Have a fantastic stay here in jolly old Ireland. Have a pint for me and play up the accent when you go to [Coppers](,+dublin&hl=en&ll=53.341943,-6.26358&spn=0.055446,0.169086&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=37.598824,86.572266&hq=coppers,&hnear=Dublin,+County+Dublin,+Ireland&t=m&z=13&iwloc=A). Of all my favourite towns in Ireland (and i’ve been to a few), Killareny is my favourite and do a
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