Range of the Common Brown Rat

In case anyone is wondering what’s going on in Canada: >Alberta, Canada, is unusual in that rat infestation was eliminated by aggressive government action. Although it is a major agricultural area, it is far from any seaport and only a portion of its eastern

University campuses in Greater Boston

Is that really the case? I am skeptical because (other than college teams) I dont really think local team support often develop for college-age students, mostly because students would be hanging out with other students who also are from somewhere else. Also because most

Maternity leave by country

> But should the federal minimum wage match the least amount you can live off of in the state with the higher cost of living, or the state with the lower cost of living? Something in between. You have can’t drag it down to

If Märket Island united

Actually, there is no universal definition for what Scandinavia is, and it has historically been used to describe all of the following combinations: SE NO DN SE NO FI SE NO DN IS SE NO DN FI SE NO DN FI IS (Official country

Regions of Alaska.

Once again, I will finish the statement for you: >The high rates of substance dependence seen in some tribes is likely a combination of a lack of genetic protective factors (metabolizing enzyme variants) combined with genetically mediated risk factors (externalizing traits, consumption drive, and

Life Expectancy in the World

Former Rhode Islander here. Rhode Island can perhaps best be explained by saying that they fail (or perhaps decline) to benefit from the factors that the rest of New England benefits from. Rhode Island cuisine is unusually rich, fatty, and salty compared to what

Countries where Netflix is available

Perhaps I phrased that poorly; I didn’t mean to discredit anybody. I myself hardly ever post in this subreddit. It’s more the quantity of subscribers of all stripes (all of whom, lurkers or commenters, are of course welcome) than lurkers specifically (sorry for implying

Best selling car model in each US state, 2013

Since I keep seeing the question (over and over and over), yet never really see a good answer, I’m going to try to address it here: **Why do Americans own so many pickup trucks?** You’re going to love this answer… *because they are so

What Crimea’s loss really means to Ukraine

> desire to have a 21st-Century “Blue Water” Navy Russia simply doesn’t have the money to do this. The Soviet Navy was a blue water navy. The Soviets knew that their Navy was very important to their national interest, so directed a significant amount

Every Traffic Signal in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I think the claim is that if there is one direction that the majority of traffic is going, it’s good to have streets going straight in that direction. But when traffic is from everywhere to everywhere, it’s best to have a grid, so that

European elections in Italy, 2009 vs 2014

The collapse of Christian Democrats and the Socialist Party, didn’t really help him, but forced him. He was used to pay these people friendship, when the judges have exposed the corruption erasing these parties, he was forced to build a new party from scratch

Population of US, Canada, and Europe by degrees of latitude north

Sort of… The “Polar Vortex” was just a buzzword that meteorologists were using. Basically, it’s got to do with this thing called “El Nino” and “La Nina” [source](http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/tao/elnino/la-nina-story.html). Basically, as ocean currents change and the ocean temperatures change, it causes different weather patterns. The

Worldwide potato cultivation

You should read about one of the most hated men in the history of Ireland. Predictably, he’s one of the most applauded men in British history; the same dichotomy is true of Churchill who unleashed the Black and Tans upon our cities, and Cromwell

Colours of passports around the world

>Ben Franklin inventing the passport 200 years previous Any source for this? As far as I know, the equivalent of a passport has been around for hundreds of years previous to this. The passport as we know it today did not really exist until