20 stereotypical divisions of Europe

I’d probably move the euphoric border up higher on the west coast, they’re generally happy folk. You’re correct about the rest of northerners however. I suppose classical/modern would be 13 colonies vs rest or even east vs west of mississippi. Revolutionary and traditional there’s

The Emirates of the United Arab Emirates

Well, yes but it depends on the setting of the road and whether there is unmet demand for road capacity. There’s a curve. On the left hand side of the curve the available capacity is too low to meet all the demand(met + unmet

All player controlled space in Eve Online

This is actually an auto-generated map of EVE space. The nature of EVE-Online is a very politically charged one. Alliances shown on the map are typically home to players in the thousands, and require regular sorties of 100+ man fleets in order to maintain

Countries that do NOT recognize the state of Israel

Some of the cabinet discussions from the period have been declassified, and I don’t think that was ever considered except as a threat to hold over the Americans to get more substantial support. Golda herself stayed notably calm throughout (as did Eleazar, the army

Countries that the South Park characters have visited

Except the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and most of the EU recognize Kosovo, whereas only 3 “countries” recognize Transnistria. Those “states” who *do* recognize Transnistria are also not recognized as states themselves, and the recognition was mutual. Realistically no country recognizes Transnistria,

All the streams in Australia, and nothing else.

The text in the image for those on mobile: >**Surface Hydrological Networks of Australia** >A geometric representation of the major surface water networks of Australia (excluding external territories). >Based on the Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric produced by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (Version 2.1

The most recurrent word on each country’s Wikipedia page

This is complete bullshit. Which parameters were words chosen from? I searched for islands in the danish wikipedia page, it occurs 47 times. There are thousands of “the”, thousands of “of” or “in” and many other words such as “over” that have literally hundreds

A.D. 1498. The Discovery Of America. (1830)

The green around Constantinople (or rather Istanbul) represents the Ottoman Empire. The lighter green seems to represent the rest of the Islamic world, even though that area was split between many states at the time, the largest probably being Safavid Persia and Mamluk Egypt.

Paid maternity leave by country

1. Our healthcare system has problems when it comes to access and distribution (personally I would prefer a [Singapore](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtuXrrEZsAg)/[French](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yF69KVbUaQ) system). But that does not mean our healthcare sucks. Sure it has problems but it is still among the best in the world and honestly,

Present Distribution of European Races (1916)

This is from Madison Grant’s _The Passing of the Great Race_. Hitler described this book as “his Bible.” Grant was a Manhattan lawyer who dabbled in archaeology, history, conservation ecology, and a variety of other subjects. He was a friend of Teddy Roosevelt’s, chairman

Coffee & Tea around the world

Yeah, it’s a bit complicated. But you definitely got the gist of it. We’re historically and culturally pretty closely connected to Scandinavia and partly on the Scandinavian peninsula, but only a small minority speaks Swedish, most speak Finnish which is separate from Scandinavian languages.

The planned city of La Plata, Argentina

> You sound like a disciple of Robert Moses. Nowhere do I see you backing up your ‘common knowledge’ assertion that it is the consensus that grid cities are bad at handling traffic. I’m not claiming that grid cities are totally incapable for handling

The pronunciation of ‘caramel’ across the U.S.

The problem is that there’s a difference between a roundabout and a traffic circle. DC, Philly, and I’m guessing Boston, have real traffic circles, which are pretty large: not only multi-lane but they have traffic lights, and can have conditions where traffic in the
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